Sometimes I think of God as…

Sometimes I think of God as a Mother, sending all of us Her little children to school here on Earth. All of us – some grudgingly while others joyfully enter the classroom and sit on tiny chairs and long tables.

The naughty kids fight in the lunch break and just before anything serious happens, our Mother changes the circumstances. Sometimes the teacher will enter the playground; sometimes it may suddenly start to rain. Related image

She is watching over us and taking care of everyone. In Her own mysterious way.

Then there are the good kids. You know, the ones who sit in the front row and answer all the teachers’ questions and get the top grades. Yes, they start thinking they are good, very good and too good. Just then our Mother changes the situation; there is a new teacher, the syllabus is all changed.  The good kid is a little less proud, a little more humble and all is actually good.  Even though we may not think so.

Neither the naughty kids nor the good kids.

Mother is waiting for us to graduate and join the workforce.

What is this workforce and who is the employer? Why our Mother, of course, the Source of all creation and jobs.

She wants us to be Her workforce. Spreading smiles. Opening hearts. Giving love. Being Love on earth as it is in Heaven.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


  1. Oh, such a sweet and loving picture you paint, my dear Krishnapriya….our Divine Mother walking us to class, changing things to benefit our learning and growth, and the students learning what their real purpose is…to bring Love into the world on her behalf…so simple and moving, thank you!

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    1. I feel so blessed this spoke to you, my dear Joan. It seems so easy at one level – just to learn our lessons – and there is only one lesson – an expansive heart and we are on our way to be messengers of light! 🙂 i pray for the Grace to be open to learn and eager to love. Thank You! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful 💞
    She intends to trains us hard but her love makes it all easy everytime.
    “जिस हाल में लोग मरने की दुआ करते हैं
    उसी हाल में मैंने जीने की कसम खाई है।”

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  3. Krishna! Finally, I get time to read one of your posts and I’m so glad I came upon this 🙂 Yes, even when we think that this is the constant, ongoing, or final thing we have going on with our life, things change in very mysterious ways, but someone powerful, God, is behind all of what is going on with our life and the changes, in which I believe is meant to be good for us though! The challenges we face will eventually turn out to strengthen us.. we can never understand what the purpose of things behind our life, if we do, we wouldn’t be human… I really like how you actually set this message around the background of a school and in a classroom; I can really connect to it 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us, hope everything is going well for you! 🙂

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    1. My beautiful MP — when i was looking for the pictures i was actually thinking of YOU! Ssooo happy you came here and could connect with the post. Thank you for being that wonderful teacher who inspires and loves our little ones too! Blessings for a beautiful day, mon chere amie! 🙂


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