How i post

Divine Mother bursts openImage result for flower blossom images
like a flower in my heart
She drops words like rainfall
I quickly type them up
Find a pretty picture
And voila, a new post.

I smile
in the blessedness
of Her presence
And offer my heart
and these words
To Her Universe

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


    1. You guys are sooo sweet and encouraging. It’s easy to remember with poems and prayers. Rest of life is another matter, but we’ll get there…bit by bit, right? Ham honge kaamiyaab, man mein hai vishwas. 🙂 Bhagavan ki kripa se. 🙂

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    1. Yes, i totally understand. i also hesitate but somehow once you put one up – it becomes easier. In a strange way it feels deeply fulfilling. Just like there is a gift in receiving the poem, there is a gift in sharing it….wonder if this makes sense, Lori? Thank you for coming here and sharing. I feel blessed and happy! 🙂


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