Different, yet the same

Strung together as pearlsRelated image
In a silken thread
Each of us a star
In the celebration of the heavens

Each unique, like a fingerprint
Beautiful, like a snow crystal
None less, none more
None high, none low
Different, yet the same

Each of us
A wondrous hue
In the magical rainbow
Of the Creator’s smile

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama

108 day Vow: Day 103


  1. I love the none high none low bit. That is as it should be. Sadly, the world does not see it that way. And even those that are not beautiful crystals in the physical sense are beautiful

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  2. Yes, in the eyes of the divine, we are all beautiful crystals. It is the heart that matters, don’t you think? The outside changes and breaks but what a blessing to make our heart more beautiful each moment, each day. Thank you for sharing this journey, my beloved friend. 🙂


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