Life in the Divine

When you route your life through God
All is always well.

The words of praise and accoladesRelated image
Are His beneficent gifts.
The treachery, deceit and infamy
Are His divine lessons

Lessons really?
What are they?

Well, actually there is just one
That repeats
Again and again – till we get it.

Open your heart
Expand your mind
Hold all existence
In gentle love

For you are
pure existence
As are all
Dew drops in a petal of love

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama

108 day Vow: Day 76


  1. Beautiful. And this is the essence of it all isn’t it krishna. Such a beautiful existence. Yet I think of those poor souls for whom this is not so. And it should not be that way. We all need to be held in this Divine Love

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    1. i do believe though everyone is held in Divine love – all creatures everywhere! But sometimes we don’t feel it – but i have faith in Grace to touch us like a gentle breeze and bring us back home. πŸ™‚

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      1. Me too. I think of those who never know that touch, for whatever reason. I believe that even in the djrest of curcumstances it is possible to know that Divine toych, but it requires openness.p

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