My dad, kittens and cuteness

I opened the terrace door to hang clothesImage result for three kittens images
Three little kittens sat there by the door
Their mommy was hugging them
And they were all snuggled together

I called my Dad and said,
“I have three kittens on our roof.”
“Okay,” He said and after a pause.
“How about Jilly, Billy and Milly?”

“What?” Was the phone static too much
“If you don’t like Milly you can use Tilly.”

“Dad? Three kittens are sitting in the roof.”

“Yes, if you give them milk they will sit on your lap.”

“I have no time Dad. I have too much work.”

“No time for work. Yes, that’s the case with us too.”

“Yes what, Dad?”

“You have no time for work, but what about cuteness? You always have time for cuteness – Jilly, Billy and Milly.”

So I have given them milk and a little cardboard box to rest.

Jilly, Billy, Milly – my Dad’s brand of cuteness.

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama

108 day vow: Day 75


  1. There is cuteness everywhere – we just have to find time, which is an abstract concept! 🙂 Fallacy! we for things we don’t need!


  2. Aww krishna, this is beautiful. Three little kitties. Little babies. I have a doggy called Hope. She is two years old now. If I knew how to post pictures I would post a picture of her.

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